Andy Locke got his first band gig via his sister Theresa.

It became Merlin Q, with Wally Scott on lead guitar, David Kerr-Clemenson on bass and Eddie Richards on drums.

This was the line up that went on tour as Edison Lighthouse.

He joined Fast Buck, dragging in his then brother-in-law Mike Baron and his pal Dave.

He wrote (with Dave) I'm a Lover for Graham Bonnet.

Andy went solo in the eighties, and moved to southern Spain in1998, but returned to live and work in the UK a couple of times, before coming back for good in 2010.

(Well, we think so!)

In late 2010 he got together with Ed again to form A & E, (part accident and part emergency!) to play the curcuit, and it seems to be going very well.

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Andy's blues band in Fuengirola




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