Children's Stories

Jon Pertwee reads

The Drum and Einar and the Seal

Brian Cant reads

The Two Cockerels and Journey to the Moon

Sarah Greene reads

The Dragon that Cried and Henry Beaver

Derek Griffiths reads

Perkin Wins the Day, Ronald Rabbit's White Coat and Sebastian

Hugh Paddick reads

The Problems of Iron Bracket and Frogs Wooing

Betty Marsden reads

The Enchanted Egg and The Dragon Who Couldn't Fly

Peter Anthony reads

The Gold Digger, The Lady and the Lion, The Emperor and the Comet, The Man Who Caught Fish, The Kings Picture and Mimoon and the Jug.

Now in a three CD set, they're a must for all parents trying to keep their children happy while on those 'Are we nearly there yet Dad' journeys.


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