The Copy Cats    

Formed by Ed Hamilton to try to recreate those marvellous old Rock-a-Billy/and Rock and Roll tracks recorded by Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochrane, Carl Perkins, Ricky Nelson, Gene Vincent, Everly Bros, etc------

They are :- Ed Hamilton-Vocals and Lead Guitar, John Heywood on 'Steam Bass'/Bass Guitar and Vocals.

The Copy Cats kicked off with two gigs at Remo's Roadhouse with Jim Jacques playing the break. 

They have broadened it out to include some straight country material and a selection of Little Richard tunes that seems to fit the mood.

Guest Artistes:-Ron and Bill-The Cleverly Brothers are now a regular feature of the act.



Mick Underwood 'Resigns' from The Copy Cats !!!

Citing musical differences, he said " The trouble is you two can play, and I can't "

He left in a fit of pique saying " I can't be asked to play those fuckin' brushes any more", his sudden departure came

as a massive surprise to John and Ed who'd been trying to get rid of him for some considerable time.

Auditions for his replacement are being held at the Oaks on every Sunday that Les hasn't got booked, between the hours of 5 and 7. Drum kit NOT included !

They hope to have a new drummer soon after Mick Underwoods departure

A Double CD of the band is now available on Rabbit Records (RABCD 19)

Rabbit Records


The Copy Cats       

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Live at Remo's Roadhouse

with special guest

Harvey Hinsley (Hot Chocolate)

(The Forgotten Man of Rock and Roll !)

January 17th/28th 2001