David Kerr-Clemenson first band was Fiends Incarnate, which became The Shameless when Andy Locke joined. Merlin Q was the next venture with Andy, Wally Scott and Eddie Richards. They took over as Edison Lighthouse and toured extensively. When they split up Dave joined White Plains and recorded with them, before joining Fast Buck.

Dave has done a host of session work with some of the top names in the business.

He has now got himself a bass, and got back together with Ed, and Andy and did some gigs in 2004/5.

He is also worked in a new line up with Ed, Mike and Dick called Buck IT!, which has now been superceded by the Fast Buck, band permanent reunion.

He also has a Chas and Dave tribute band called Gertcha

What'dyaknow-he's in demand!

He recently got married to a lovely lady called Moira.

Dave and Moira live at the Rancho Notorious in Kent.

More soon...