Dick Dastardly (Man of Mystery)

Dick turned up at Fast Buck Studios to do some demos, and was soon the resident session pianist/keyboard player.

He and Ed formed a writing partnership which has been responsible for many a good advertising jingle for the likes of, Tomy Toys, the H.S.A, Tennant's Lager, System Text, Brother, Vita-Mineral, Transformers, Droids and many others.

An early gig for the two of them, was when Ed was asked to promote some new material on Pebble Mill at One.

The DVD of this sterling performance will be available shortly.

The above shot is of the renovation work that he has undertaken on his property, but as you can see below he is still open for business.

He was recently spotted in downtown Chertsey, but the camera failed to function !

Unfortunately for all you Dick fans out there, he has decided to call it a day on the Fast Buck duo, but says he will ahve an occasional outing with the band.

We look forward to that!