Mick Underwood


'Smoke on the Water, Fire Richie PLEASE !

Mick smiles for the camera, Neil Murray takes off of Ian Gillan, while sticking his thumb up Dicks nose!                      

Mick has worked with the Outlaws, Episode Six, Quatermass, and the Ian Gillan band, as well as doing 'the sessions' with all and sundry.

He has joined The Copy Cats in place of Simon Elledge (who will continue with The Firedogs)

He has worked with Ed Hamilton on numerous projects and plays on Ed's Church Street and Trick of the Light albums. (Check out the Rabbit Records web page)

On stage with the Ian Gillan Band 'Live' at the Reading Festival, though there is a black mark on him for this gig.

Mick ponders his career after resigning from the Copy Cats!