Mike Baron

Mike joined Fast Buck having previously been with The Seftons, The Perishers, and Worth. They recorded for CBS and Fontana (including a version of Shocking Blue's Venus).

He had the best right foot in the drum world, and did just about every session at Fast Buck Studios that was going. He also did all the driving when we were touring, enabling us to indulge our passion for Scrabble

He was a 'main frame' computer installation consultant for a firm in Leatherhead, but has now decided that enough is enough.

He is currently in isolation due to a brainstorm, but he 'came out to play' for the Fast Buck - 'Fuck Off and Good Riddance' to Andy Locke gig at the Oaks on February 19th 2006.

Due to the brainstorm he has purchased a new kit and will be in the drum chair for Buck IT! The new line up with Dave Ed and Dick.