(Tomb It May Concern !)


Ed has negotiated a deal with Cherry Red Records to release the entire FAST BUCK back catalogue. The first batch will be coming out as a four CD box set on their Lemon label complete with dodgy '70's photographs. (YEAH!)

Titled-Fast Buck-Night Games-The Complete Recordings release date is 24th September 2019 and you can pre-order from the Cherry Red web-site from next week (3rd week in July) at £19.99 a mere snip!

Ed was recently interviewed by Mike O'Connor for the Official Friars of Aylesbury web-site. (

The FAST BUCK band played there supporting Kevin Ayres Band, which contained among others Andy Summers and Zoot Money

Rabbit Records are relieved and pleased to announce, that the long awaited FAST BUCK ANTHOLOGY ! album has hit the record shop,(also known as Ed's Gander Bag) having had to wait nearly two years for a 'lost' Andy Locke song. Was it worth it I hear you cry! The answer is yes, and while waiting Ed came across a total of ten (yes that's right 'ten') missing tracks. This now gives the album forty six tracks, which includes the band live at Hemel Hemstead Pavillion on the twenty eighth night of an exhausting twenty eight day tour of the U.K, and a Radio Humberside Interview.

Also it has released a compilation album 'Choice Cuts of Rabbit' Volume One and are proud to announce that "The Ballad of William Murdoch" has just gone ' tin' in Cornwall!

This is almost the equivalent of going 'wood' in Canada !

There is also a 'new' Young and Moody band CD out called 'Coming Back for the Last Time-AGAIN!'

The double CD 'Purple Rainbows' (including Ed's Night Games) recently made No1 in the album charts both here and in Japan

After Richard, having sadly retired from the Fast Buck Duo, and now performing altogether, Ed now goes out on his own, and with The Firedogs.