As a companion page to NOW HEAR THIS, we thought that you might like to see some of the artwork for the albums currently available on 


The original album transferred to CD. (RABCD 1)

and Night Games -The follow-up (RABCD 2)

 then there's Country 'Cuts', a double album (RABCD 11 and 12)

now Anthology Volume One (RABCD 3)

not forgetting Anthology Volume Two (RABCD 3)

also 'Plugged'-Fast Buck-Live at the Oaks RABCD 7

and Then There Were Two (The Latest Release) RABCD 6

also Church Street, Ed Hamilton's first solo album of self-penned songs. RABCD 8)

and Trick of the Light, Ed's second album, all songs co-written with other writers. (RABCD 13)


not forgetting The Firedogs double 'live' blues album, 

Too Pockin' Loud! (RABCD 4 and 5)


and Jonathan Asprey's album 

Anywhere But Here (RABCD 9)


More to follow soon