Steve Hall

Steve was with a few bands before deciding that he wanted to work behind the desk, rather than in front of it.

Ed met up with Steve while recording publishers demos, and when the band needed to make the quantum leap to being professional with  'front of house mixing', Steve was the obvious choice.

He had run his own recording studio from home for some time, and the band had recorded some demos with him for submission to record and publishing companies.

With some publishing money, and with Steve producing, they recorded a master of 'Sometime Man' which scored a deal with Jet Records.

Steve also produced the Fast Buck album at De Lane Lea in Wembley, contributing the track 'Under it All', which closes side one.

Ed continues to work with Steve, who now  runs his own studio in Soho.

An accomplished musician/writer and singer, Steve is a good lad to have around

Contact Steve at :-

Bell Voice Studios, 89, Great Portland Street, London, W1 0207 437 1034 and 07802 736167