The Young and Moody Band, a casual band put together by Bob Young (Status Quo's Tour Manager mainstay songwriter, and occasional harmonica player) and Micky Moody ex Whitesnake guitarist.

The band recorded a series of albums for various labels and a couple of singles for Bronze Records. 'These Eyes' (an extension of a Levi jeans advert that Bob and Micky were involved in) and 'Don't Do That' (where the band took on various name players as a 'send up' of the trend towards 'super-groups')

The line up for 'Don't Do That' was Micky on guitars and backing vocals, Bob on harmonica and backing vocals, Ed Hamilton on lead vocal and backing vocals, Lemmy (Motorhead) on bass guitar, the late Cozy Powell on drums, and the four Nolan sisters on backing vocals.

Both singles charted at 62 and 61, respectively and there is a video of the 'super-group' line up performing 'Don't Do That'.

The band recently put out an album 'Nearest Hits', which has almost got into double figures, and has gone 'wood' in Finland, and they have another compilation coming out soon.



Young and Moody go 'Country' and Billy went to the pub!


Ed, Andy and Dave team up with Micky Moody, Bob Young and Billy Bremner at Wembley  Arena to promote Bob's Quo Country album.