Fast Buck Studios was started by Ed Hamilton and David Kerr Clemenson to re-launch the band, and to find and produce new talent.

Situated on the ground floor of Lamb House, Church Street, Chiswick, W4 2PD it was ideally placed to be able to work with the London based artists, as well as any local talent that wanted to hear what they sounded like on tape.

As luck would have it, when we opened our doors, Chappell Music was just closing theirs, so we picked up a professional clientele early on and kept it.

During our time in Lamb House, we worked for most of the publishing houses and all of the record companies, and made a lot of good friends.

The control room showing the Sound Techniques desk (lit), the Brennel 8Track, Revox A77 and B77, and one of the Tannoy Devon speakers.

The recording area with the drum tops and microphones showing can just be glimpsed through the control room glass.

The 1" tape on the desk has the name Jon Pertwee on it, so we must have just finished recording a reading for our Bobtales story series.

The floating floor in the recording area.

The wonderful Broadwood boudoir grand piano, a mainstay of the studio and the reason for many a visit, plus two 'well gigged' Marshall amps, and a Roland 20 watt Cube.

A reverse shot of the control room, with an assortment of bass guitars, a pretend Fender Telecaster and a Hofner Club 60, plus a considerable number of headphones.

The directors pretending to push up faders!

Fast Buck Studios lives again with the launch of Fast Buck 2, a fully equipped digital studio located in Charlton Village, Shepperton, Middlesex which will go into full production in January 2003 with the recording of the new Fast Buck album "Legends and Love Songs"