The Band:-

Fast Buck A Jet Records publicity shot. (Look we weren't  grumpy alright!)

Fast Buck (originally Special Brew) were formed in the mid-Seventies by Scott ( Two-Teas) Gorham.  It consisted of three Americans and Ed Hamilton (an itinerant Scotsman that Two-Teas found playing in a bar in Wandsworth) Ed Hamilton, Scott Gorham, Eddie Leach and Rob Grant.

Re-christened as Fast Buck, they played a few gigs around the London scene until Scott left to join the reformed Thin Lizzy, and Eddie Leach to join Slack Alice. 

Ed managed to fulfill the outstanding gigs with the help of two chums from Hot Chocolate, (Harvey Hinsley and Tony Conner) then after a massive audition at The Ram in Hayes, Ed settled on guitar player Andy Locke, who used to go out with Harvey Hinsley's sister Steph, and had a drummer for a brother-in-law. Luckily Andy settled on Ed as well!

Rob decided to return to the 'States, but luckily Andy also had a bass playing friend.

After a short holiday they got together for a run through in Soho where they all agreed it was worth pursuing, and after a couple of months rehearsals began a residency in the Anchor Hotel in Church Square, Shepperton, with a once a month gig at the legendary Golden Lion in Fulham.

The line up was now Ed Hamilton (Lead Vocals and guitar) Andy Locke (Lead guitar and vocals) David Kerr-Clemenson (Bass guitar and vocals) and Mike Baron (Drums and vocals)

 Ed called on the expertise of an old session chum Steve Hall, to help out with front-of-house mixing, acquired a decent P.A. and set about building a reputation.

Using the Anchor Hotel as a spring-board, over the next eighteen months, Fast Buck quickly established themselves on the pub-rock scene that was to spawn a host of major bands. They scored a record deal a year later with Jet Records, and toured extensively, supporting the likes of The Electric Light Orchestra, Kevin Ayres and The Pretty Things as well as playing their own list of dates.

Ed and Dave set up Fast Buck Studios and Fast Buck Music Ltd in Chiswick, West London, to act as a base and springboard for the band.

They continued gigging well into the Eighties, until the demise of the live circuit, and Andy going solo.

Ed, Dave and Andy, (under the Fast Buck heading) provided the backing harmonies for a Bob Young album 'In Quo Country' (Check out The Young and Moody Band

The band (minus Ed Hamilton) backed Billy Bremner  (Rockpile/Pretenders) on a revival of Jody Reynolds 'Endless Sleep'.

A short lived line up in 1987 was Ed, Andy and Mike, with Andy Brown on bass and Mike Simmonds on keyboards.

This line up recorded some new material, but never played live.

They returned to regular gigging, with the four original members plus Richard. (When he was available) in the Nineties and Noughties but as from 15th March 2014, the original band ceased working together.

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